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NEW: The SHIFTsound SP!

New addition to our SHIFTsound product family. Modular, repairable, waterproof, best sound quality, Bluetooth, Aux-In, up to 10 hours of battery life, device deposit and much more.

You can find all further information on our …

The eighth SHIFTPHONE!
Or: Our SHIFTphone 8

Since 2014 we have been launching the greatest products. And the WE stands for WE ALL! You, we, the SHIFT family! What was originally intended as a reference monitor for a camera crane has become fully modular smartphones, an innovative detachable notebook and much more.

It’s time for the next step, time for our SHIFTphone 8.


Not everyone can do that: 27 inches, energy-saving thanks to modern OLED technology, multi-touch compatible, not only a monitor but also a graphics tablet with active pen support, modular, compact, light, flat, beautiful, increasing your productivity and much more w.

Are you missing something on your desk? Then join the SHIFTscreen crowdfunding now!


You need high-end modular over-ear headphones with noise cancelling, touch control, ambient sound, six built-in microphones and over 30 hours of battery life?

We have! In addition, even in the modular design concept usual for SHIFT, so that you can replace the batteries yourself or repair your headphones if necessary.


SHIFTbook – So much more than just a tablet!

The SHIFTbook is our high-performance, detachable notebook that, thanks to hybrid cooling, can exploit its full range of performance and is suitable for many usecases.

  • intel tiger lake i5 processor
  • Dual memory slots with exchangeable M.2 SSD modules
  • replaceable motherboard
  • “SHIFTkeys” with LED lighting and 10-finger multi-touch surface
  • and much more …

Fabulous: The new SHIFTbike!

Our SHIFTbike with a powerful 120 Nm mid-engine is a real action guarantee. Downhill you can rely on the robustness of the highest quality components, while uphill the 900 Wh battery brings you effortlessly back to the starting line.

The SHIFTbike is not an ordinary e-mountain bike (E-MTB). It sets new standards in terms of durability and sustainability.

SHIFT6mq – For your sustainable life!

The SHIFT6mq is our current #LOVEPHONE. Just as modular as its siblings SHIFT5me and SHIFT6m, it breaks new ground in terms of equipment and performance:

  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon 845
  • ShiftOS (Android™ 10 – Android™ 13 coming soon)
  • 6 inch FullHD AMOLED Display | 18:9 | Gorilla Glas
  • 128 GB int. storage (UFS), expandable to 512 GB via SD card
  • and much more …

SHIFT5me – Your compact companion!

The SHIFT5me expands our modular SHIFTm series with an economy model in a compact form factor.

  • 4.97 inch FullHD IPS Display
  • 2,6 GHz-MTK-processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB int. storage
  • and much more …

Understanding the SHIFT heart

SHIFT is so much more than just a smartphone or a detachable notebook, so much more than just sustainable technology. It’s not just about modularity and reducing our company’s carbon footprint. It’s about appreciating ourselves, our fellow human beings and this planet. SHIFT means change! If you want to get to know and understand the SHIFT heart better, we recommend Carsten’s IFA contribution from 2019:

How do we use what you entrust to us?


Production, transport and customs


Dues, certifications and warranties


Development costs and fair wages


Support for social and sustainability projects


Withdrawals and Advertising

As a purpose company without investors, we have a clear goal: to do as much good as we can while doing as little damage as possible. We take this very seriously and implement it consistently and optimally. We do not take personal profits and the budget for advertising and marketing is less than 0.1 percent and is therefore a victim of rounding to the full percent here.

Universal Computing – The SHIFTmu

Significant resource conservation compared to conventional PC use, high-performance modules, minimalist concept in an attractive design. This is our SHIFTmu. A smartphone that will take over the tasks of a fully functional computer.

Do you have questions about us, our products or your device? Check out our SHIFT FAQs for answers!

Current information about us and our products!

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