That will be our new SHIFTscreen!

(Updated March 25, 2024)

It’s becoming more and more realistic: Your workplace, fully equipped with SHIFT products that are sustainable and manufactured under fair and respectful conditions. In addition to SHIFTphone, SHIFTbook and other products, you may have been missing a suitable monitor. On this page you can find out everything about our new crowdfunding project and this is what you can expect from our SHIFTscreen: innovation, modularity, repairability, device deposit, high quality and much more.

27 inch display - Energy-saving thanks to modern OLED technology

Modular design with easily exchangeable modules

Very light and flat. Thus transportable and universally usable

Versatile to use thanks to multi-touch compatibility

The active pen support also allows it to be used as a graphics tablet

Brilliant display thanks to high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle and high brightness

Standard with us for many years: device deposit

Delivery: approx. 4 months after the funding threshold has been exceeded

Final price: expected €1444 (plus €22 device deposit)

777 pre-orders as funding threshold!

After the conception and design phase, the SHIFTscreen requires 777 pre-orders so that we can start the project and move on to development. The final price is expected to be €1,444 plus a €22 device deposit.

In January 2024, we decided to realise the SHIFTscreen in any case. You can find more information on this in the last SHIFTscreen newsletter or in the telegram below.   

With the prototype that we have received, we can make the SHIFTscreen even easier to experience.Until the start of the extended crowdfunding, the SHIFTscreen is available in the Early Bird offer for €888 plus device deposit. The following price level is expected to be €999.

In total you’ve already ordered …

of 777

… SHIFTscreens! Go on! 😉

Technical specifications


Technology: OLED
Resolution: 3840 x 2160 px – UHD/4K *
Diagonal: 27 inches
Field of view: 596 x 335 mm
Brightness: max. 500 cd/ m²
Contrast ratio: 1,000,000: 1
Viewing angle (horizontal) 178°
Viewing angle (vertical) 178°
Colors: 1.07 billion
Response time: < 1 millisecond
Refresh rate: (currently not yet finalized)

* The term 4K originally comes from cinema technology and refers to a resolution of 4,096 horizontal pixels. The UHD resolution of most monitors rated 4K, on the other hand, is “only” 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Technically speaking, the SHIFTscreen has a UHD resolution. However, colloquially, this resolution is often referred to as a 4K monitor. We therefore include both names in our specifications for orientation purposes.


2x USB Type C 3.1 – PD 90 W (support DP, HDMI and charging)
1x USB Type C (only as audio out)
1x audio port (3.5 mm jack)< /p>


Can be rotated by 90° on both sides (to portrait format)
Height adjustment: (the exact height in mm is not yet 100% known)
Quick release (including 100 x 100 mm VESA mount adapter)
Orientation: Portrait or Landscape


Total height: 372mm
Total width: 633mm

The total depth is not yet 100% known. Thanks to the OLED technology, it is an extremely flat monitor – as can be seen in the video above.


Power consumption: typical 45 W
Power consumption in standby: < 0.5 W
Energy label: not yet known

Completed and still open steps

funding phase


Preorder started


Super early bird funding for €777 ¹ *

Early Bird Funding for €888 ¹ *


funding phase €999 ¹


funding threshold reached

¹ Price plus €22 device deposit


Hardware concept

Main board design

case design


Construction and implementation


Proof of Concept (EVT)


Product acceptance (DVT)


Create production tools


Material procurement




Production Test (PVT)


Main Production



Shipping planning


Start shipping



in progress



* last modified

Current situation

Situation February 2, 2024
SHIFTscreen becomes reality! Due to a lack of pre-orders, however, only after finalisation of the SHIFTphone 8 project.

Today, all those who have been following the developments surrounding our SHIFTscreen with excitement can look forward to some great news. Even though we have not yet been able to reach the desired funding level of 777 pre-orders, we have nevertheless decided to finalise the SHIFTscreen. So: The SHIFTscreen is being built!

We are still enthusiastic about the idea of our 27-inch OLED touch display and believe that it should definitely be available on the market. Especially when it is an important niche product that can positively influence and facilitate the lives and work of many creative users.

So we checked our finances to see whether we would be able to finalise the SHIFTscreen project without the missing pre-orders. And yes, we can! However, we first have to finalise the SHIFTphone 8 project and pay all partners and the upcoming productions. Then we can order the first batch of SHIFTscreens.

We will therefore not be changing the crowdfunding status. You can still get friends and family excited about the project. Pre-orders are therefore still possible and should they suddenly skyrocket and ensure that the project is financed ahead of schedule, we will immediately start the next project phase.

We are currently planning to finalise a second prototype for IFA 2024, which will be extremely close to the final product and will be presented to a large audience.

We hope to start production of your pre-ordered SHIFTscreens in October/November this year and deliver them before Christmas.

Situation November 9, 2023

We have added a block with the technical specifications to our SHIFTscreen on this page. Here you will find a series of data that characterizes our monitor. Missing information such as weight, the depth of the device, color spaces, the exact value of the height adjustment, etc. We will add it as soon as we know.

Situation October 10, 2023

The time has finally come: Our long-awaited SHIFTscreen prototype has arrived in Falkenberg. We are pleased to now have a first video with lots of impressions about our 27-inch Graphic tablet screen combinationto share with you.

Unfortunately, the desired number of 777 pre-orders has not yet been reached. With the completion of the prototype, we have now reached an important milestone for our development project and it will be easier for us to be able to communicate the SHIFTscreen project in an appropriate form. After these first impressions for you, we are now preparing the image and video material for the expanded crowdfunding on Startnext.

We are still very excited about this product! We are confident that we can still reach the funding threshold and are therefore extending the funding phase again. So that SHIFTscreen can also benefit from the Christmas business, we are setting the target date of February 2, 2024 in order to generate all pre-orders by then. If we reach the funding threshold earlier, we can of course start production earlier.

The delivery of the SHIFTscreen is directly dependent on the funding threshold being exceeded. However, since we were able to complete a large part of the pre-production through the development of the prototype and are already in the optimization process, we will be able to tackle the main production that will take place later comparatively faster.

As always: We will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience and support in this project.

Situation July 12, 2023

We are extending the funding phase!

Unfortunately, we were not yet able to achieve the desired 777 pre-orders by our target date of July 7th, 2023. However, since we are still convinced of the unique combination of display and graphics tablet, we are extending the funding phase until October 10, 2023.

The most important step is now the SHIFTscreen prototype, which gives us the opportunity to give our crowdfunding a real boost and to realize the necessary amount of pre-orders.

Stay tuned. We’ll be back soon with video contributions, more detailed fact sheets, simulated case studies, more extensive image material and much more.

Situation April 6, 2023

Crowdfunding started!

It was with great excitement that we started crowdfunding last night. After less than 5 minutes, all 22 devices were sold out at a super early bird price of €777 plus device deposit. Three quarters of the devices in the next price level with an early bird offer have already been pre-ordered. We are very pleased that this project is also starting with such good momentum. Thank you for your support!

We are now saying goodbye to the Easter break and wish you relaxing holidays and a happy Easter with your loved ones.

Situation April 4, 2023

Tomorrow is the day!

The SHIFT product family is growing with a monitor, the SHIFTscreen. On this page you can follow almost live how the project is progressing. In the first funding phase, we will provide you with some key data (see above).

You can look forward to power savings through OLED technology, multi-touch, active pen support, modular design and much more.

We’ll be releasing more information over the next few weeks. Check back often for more detailed renders, impressions and specs!

Impressions of the SHIFTscreen