Sounds good: The SHIFTsound SP!


You know us: We like good music and we like useful products. However, since our over-ear headphones, as the only member of our SHIFTsound product family so far, felt quite lonely, we treat it – and of course us – now loud company. The new SHIFTsound SP is a modular, waterproof speaker with the best sound quality and your good-looking companion for the next party.

Note: The SHIFTsound SP is still in the crowdfunding phase. For orders from January 22nd, 2024, delivery is planned for the end of March.

This will be our new SHIFTsound SP

Modular and repairable design with easy-to-replace components

Waterproof with IP certification, protection class IPX7

Playback via Bluetooth (range up to 10 meters), AUX connection or microSD card

Battery life of up to 10 hours

191 millimeters high and 550 grams light

Designed in Germany/Falkenberg and fairly manufactured in China

11 € equipment deposit

Final price: €88 (plus €11 equipment deposit)

Questions and answers

Can the speaker’s light be adjusted or switched off?
A four-stage implementation is currently planned, which can be adjusted according to your own preferences:
1. Without light
2. Fluidly changing RGB light
3. Permanent warm white light
4. Warm white, pulsating light to the beat

How is the SHIFTsound SP operated?
Using the buttons on the device or via Bluetooth. An app is currently not planned.

Does the SHIFTsound SP have WiFi connectivity?
No WiFi connectivity is planned so far.

Can the sound be adjusted?
There are different modes for adjustment (EQ, Bass, Standard).

Is stereo sound possible?
Yes. L and R channels possible with just one SHIFTsound SP.

Can two speakers be paired with each other?
Yes. The SHIFTsound SP is a true wireless speaker. A maximum of two speakers can be connected to each other.

Is there a microphone for hands-free calling?

Further technical specifications

Card slot

2x 10 W

USB-C port (only) for charging

Connection options
3.5 mm jack or Bluetooth

Bluetooth version

Supported BT profiles

Measured frequency responses
AUX: 62-20 KHz
BT: 60-20 KHz

It’s worth pre-ordering!

Your pre-orders are the only way this great project will become a reality. In this way, you enable us to develop devices according to our ideas, but also according to your ideas, without investors and their profit expectations. Because your pre-orders are so important, we are offering lower prices.

We originally needed 111 pre-ordered SHIFTsound SPs. And you have already cracked it!!

After less than 24 hours we can announce that we are already above the funding threshold. This is how the SHIFTsound SP is produced. Thank you so much! You are GREAT!

Current renderings and impressions from SHIFTsound SP

Sustainability, Reparability, Fairness!


Breaking new ground means a lot of development work. In many places we cannot rely on tried and tested methods. As a small company, we do not manage all developments alone, but work with suppliers and partners in certain areas. We have built a network of suppliers with whom we enjoy working because good relationships and trusting relationships have been established. We want to rely on the expertise of these partners because they understand why SHIFT is so important to us. Sustainability, repairability and fairness are not the primary issues in the smartphone industry – but they are very important to us.