Our spring offers and what’s behind them

4. May 2023

Have you noticed that our two current SHIFTphones have recently become available at a significantly lower price?
The two price reductions and the SHIFT6mq + upgrade have also been shared on our social media channels. If you are still wondering which offers it is actually about, here is a brief summary:

1. SHIFT6mq with fast delivery for €577 instead of €677
2. SHIFT5me now for €277 instead of €333
3. SHIFT6mq + upgrade to the SHIFTphone 8 for €633

(All prices plus €22 device deposit)

* Important to know: For the free upgrade, your SHIFT6mq must be in good condition, with only signs of wear consistent with age. However, if repairs are necessary, we will invoice you for them. Otherwise the conditions as described on our upgrade page (shift.eco/upgrade) apply.


Normally we at SHIFT are very economical with special offers. It goes against our values to release a new super sale every week. For us, our devices are valuable in many ways and not junk. That’s why we think a lot before we lower prices and create new offers. We would like to share these thoughts with you and include you in our considerations.
The perfect format for this is our Brothertalk (Currently only available in German. But you can activate the subtitles for translation!) Here Carsten and Samuel talk frankly about what moves us and in particular about the considerations behind the new offers.
With this in mind, we cordially invite you to take a look at the latest issue of Brothertalk. From 3:26 min it’s about the price reduction and the upgrade. This Link will take you directly to this part.

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