Circular Economy and the 13 SHIFTcycles – Part 4 relate

26. April 2023

relate – relate

We feel connected to everyone involved in the process of production and use. It’s about appreciation for our people on the shop floor and beyond, and our relationship with our customers. For us, selling a SHIFT is the beginning of a relationship, not an end Distribution. At the same time, we would like to see an appreciative attitude towards the purchased product, so that the device can be used for as long as possible.

Relationship with our employees

Fair and pleasant working conditions are important to us for all of our employees. Especially with the employees involved in production in China. Questionable working conditions in the technology industry in China are repeatedly reported in the media. It is therefore a matter close to our hearts to effect changes on site. With our own manufacture, we can make these changes possible and create pleasant working conditions and guarantee fair payment for our employees.
As a result, we are also in close contact and exchange ideas with each other every week. In addition, part of the development team travels to Hangzhou at regular intervals to spend time together, cultivate relationships and exchange information on the latest developments. During the peak phase of the corona pandemic, we had to pause our visits to China, so we are all the more looking forward to the next trip to the SHIFT manufactory.

Relationship with SHIFT customers

We may have surprised you with a “you” in an e-mail. We don’t call you first out of a lack of respect, but to express that we share the same values and are a community at eye level. For us, maximizing profits in customer contact does not play a role, we see the potential to build a trusting relationship.
We notice again and again how you place this trust in us. Especially in the crowdfunding phases of our products, we take the leap of trust very seriously. The joint realization of a product is what makes these phases so special. Because, as is so often the case, things only achieve their beauty when they are shared. As a thank you for the trust you have placed in us, we offer our pre-orderers discounted pre-order prices and provide insights into the development phases of the products.
Also, we enjoy every SHIFTtalk where you give feedback and us with questions. This shows us that we can achieve a lot as a small company and that we have taken the right path.

Appreciation towards products

In the context of technical devices, relationship is not the right term for us, you know our warning notice that adorns the back of every SHIFT product:
“WARNING: Smartphones can be time killers. There is no greater gift for you today than the next 24 hours. Use them wisely. People are more important than machines”.
However, out of love for our environment, we would like to appreciate the devices. In order to make consumption more sustainable, we also have a responsibility to deal with the products we buy accordingly.
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