Something new is on its way!

When a wide variety of creative minds put their ideas together and a lot of love into a new project, this has always resulted in extremely valuable and wonderful SHIFT products. And we are not only talking about our great employees, but also about you, because SHIFT6mq, SHIFT13mi, SHIFTsound BNO and all the previous projects have always been community projects.

Thank you for so much for your support, trust and enthusiasm. What do you think? Time for a new round?

On January 5th, 2023 we will start the crowdfunding of a new SHIFT. Until then, however, you will have to be patient a little longer, because we will not reveal any more at this point.

We’d love for you to share this info with family and friends! Just share the link to this page or post it on your favorite social networks!

In excited anticipation,
your SHIFT team!